Chicken Tenderloin Recipes

You might associate chicken tenders with fast food — the iconic crispy golden nugget of white meat fried to perfection and ready for a good slathering of dipping sauce. But it's actually short for tenderloin, a muscle attached to the underside of the breast. We like chicken tenders because they are just that — tender. And because of that, they’re less susceptible to drying out than breast meat if they’re overcooked. Try these healthy chicken tender recipes for a dinner your whole family will enjoy.

Asian Chicken Tenderloins with Zesty Lemon Sauce

Serve these crispy, Asian-flavoured chicken tenderloins with a tangy, sweet-and-sour sauce at your next party, they’re a sure crowd-pleaser.

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Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Tenderloins

Served with roasted potatoes and a side salad these chicken tenderloins make for a great family dinner.

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Chicken Curry with Cardamom

Although called a curry, the interesting mix of spices perfume and enhance the flavour of the chicken, rather than being the main feature of the dish & overpowering it.

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Chicken Goujons

Chicken Goujons are prepared by coating chicken meat in a crumbing mixture and then deep frying them, in a manner similar to the preparation of Schnitzel.

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Chicken Tenderloin Curry

This is a simple to make chicken curry recipe using tenderloins and cooked in the oven. Season to your own tastes adding as much or as little curry powder as desire.

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Chicken Tenderloin Wrap

These Chicken Tenderloin Wraps are great for snacks or filling the kids lunchboxes.

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Coconut-Lime Chicken Tenderloins and Snow Peas

Double the flavour, halve the work — simply by using the same tangy combination of coconut milk, lime juice and brown sugar for both poaching the chicken and dressing the salad. Crisp lettuce, cabbage and snow peas add freshness and an irresistible crunch to this simple meal.

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Honey Mustard Chicken Tenderloins with Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

Chicken and potatoes with a little bit of a bite added!

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KFC Chicken Secret Herbs and Spices

What are the original 11 herbs and spices used in Kentucky Fried Chicken? This copycat recipe for KFC Chicken Secret Herbs and Spices will give you a reasonably good copy of the taste. Try it and enjoy!

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KFC Crispy Strips

These chicken strips will match the flavour of the KFC Crispy Strips and satisfy your fast food craving, whether its a meal of these crispy strips with fries and KFC Chip Seasoning and KFC Coleslaw or to make a KFC Twister with Pepper Mayo.

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KFC Crispy Twister with Pepper Mayo

Make your own mouth-watering Pepper Mayo KFC Crispy Twister. Fresh lettuce, red onion and tomato drizzled with KFC Pepper Mayo, topped with two chicken breast fillet Crispy Strips, and all wrapped in a soft warmed tortilla.

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Lemon, Honey and Ginger Chicken with Fennel and Apple Slaw

Think of this as a lighter take on chicken, chips and coleslaw. We ditch the fried crumb coating for a zesty Asian-inspired marinade, and roast instead of fry both the meat and potatoes. Meanwhile, a mustard vinaigrette takes the place of calorie-laden mayo to liven up a winter slaw.

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Marmalade Chicken Tenders

Orange marmalade and freshly grated orange zest make a deliciously tangy sauce for quick-cooking chicken tenders.

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Mild Honey Dijon Chicken Croissant with Colby Cheese

These tasty chicken tenderloin croissants are a great lunch or snack for the family or a group of friends. They are easy to put together and really quite the crowd pleaser.

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Ngam Nguv – Chicken with Preserved Lemon Soup

This is a popular chicken soup dish which is primarily flavoured using preserved lemons. Its slight tangy flavour makes it a delicious dish.

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