Khow Suey – Burmese Noodle Soup

Khow Suey - Burmese Noodle Soup

Khow Suey is a delicious noodle dish from Burma made with egg noodles, curried chicken and coconut milk. Served with a variety of condiments, each spoon full of soup you eat will be bursting with flavours! Khow Suey is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Burmese cuisine.

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Banana-Lychee Dessert

Banana Lychee Dessert

This easy dessert only takes 5 minutes to make! But don’t be deceived by its simplicity – the taste is so wonderfully sweet and exotic that you might find it addictive! A great way to use up leftover bananas, this banana lychee pudding is really more of what they would call a “dessert soup” in Asia and depending on the weather can be served warm or cold.

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Bua Loi – Thai Rice Balls in Warm Coconut Milk

This Thai dessert is unique as it is meant to be served warm whereas Thai desserts are usually served cold. The consistency of the balls are almost powdery and a bit like Japanese desserts. Two different versions are presented here, one basic and the another, similar, but using pumpkin in the ingredients to create a vivid orange colour and rich flavour.

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