Grains, Legumes, Nuts & Seeds – A to Z

Coconut Milk

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Index – Grains, Legumes, Nuts & Seeds

There are a number of grains, legumes, nuts & seeds we have used in our recipes or referenced in our world cuisine pages. This is the sub-index for the grains, legumes, nuts & seed items that we have listed in the glossary. Each listing has information, availability, substitution, and nutritional data where applicable.Read More
nigella seeds

Nigella Seeds

The seeds of Nigella sativa, known as kalonji, black cumin, black onion seed, onion seed or just nigella, are used as a spice in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines.Read More


Amaranth is not a true grain, but classified as a pseudo-cereal, as it is not part of the Poaceae botanical family. However it is listed with other grains as its nutritional profile and uses are similar to true cereal grains.Read More


Chestnuts have a distinctive flavour and texture and can be used to give a unique taste to a wide range of dishes from starters to sweets.Read More
Indonesian Black Nuts

Keluak Nut (Pangium edule)

Buah keluak is a black nut from Indonesia about the size of a misshapen golf ball. The surface is ridged with a smooth nut 'mouth' across the flattest part. A slit is made in this mouth through which one scrapes out the contents which have been variously described as 'opium' and soft tar'. The taste is indescribable and has to be eaten to be believed. Good nuts, when cooked, should be richly black and oily.Read More


A candlenut is a hard, oily, tropical nut. The nuts are usually crushed and added to soups, or ground and used as a thickening agent in Indonesian and Malaysian cooking, particularly in curries and satays. The raw nut is slightly toxic so it must be cooked before it is safe to eat.Read More
Poppy Seeds

Poppy Seed

Whole poppy seeds are widely used as a spice and decoration in and on top of many baked goods. They are used in and on many food items such as rusk, bagels, bialys, muffins and cakes. Across Europe, buns and soft white bread pastries are often sprinkled on top with black and white poppy seedsRead More


Kiwicha, also known as amaranth or mini quinoa is a small pseudo cereal noted for its dense nutritional content. Kiwicha has been farmed in Peru and other areas of South America for over 4,000 years and was widely used as a subsistence cropRead More


Kañiwa is quick to cook on the stove top and can be used like quinoa in dishes for both breakfast and dinner.Read More