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How To Roast Red Peppers

How To Roast Red Peppers (Capsicum – Bell Peppers)

Homemade roasted capsicums definitely have a superior flavour to those that are store-bought. Their distinctive flavour adds a sweetness to any dish they are used in.Read More
How to Roast Chillies

How to Roast Chillies

You can roast chillies at a medium heat under the oven griller, on a very hot grill, over an open fire or bbq, or on the stove top. Read More

How to Season a Tagine

Authentic clay or glazed ceramic Moroccan tagines are wonderful pieces of handmade cookware used to create flavourful Moroccan dishes. Unglazed clay tagines in particular impart a unique earthy nuance to tender, slow-cooked stews. Whether you buy a tagine online or purchase one in Morocco, it should be "seasoned" before its first use to both strengthen it and, if unglazed, remove a raw clay taste.Read More
How To Make Fresh Breadcrumbs

How To Make Fresh Breadcrumbs

Two different methods for making fresh breadcrumbs at home.Read More
Strawberry and Lemon Lattice-top Pie

How to Make a Lattice Top for a Pie

Clear instructions and pictures on how to make a lattice top with pastry for a pie.Read More

Chinese Chicken Chopping

Step by step instructions with images and video - Chinese-style cutting is the cutting of a whole chicken into smaller, serving-size pieces of bone-in chicken. You can use this style of cutting for any Asian dish or other recipe that calls for chicken cut into serving-size pieces.Read More
Steaming Vegetables

How to Steam Vegetables

The goal here is to have your vegetables perfectly cooked and ready to serve just before you sit down. And, ideally, all of the vegetables finish cooking at the same time. Here's how you do it. Read More
How To Truss Chicken

How To Truss Chicken

Step by step instructions on how to truss chicken, plus pictures to help. Make trussing a chicken with twine easy with these diagrams and directions.Read More
Cooking with Alcohol

How to Cook using Alcohol

Many dishes incorporate alcoholic beverages into the food itself. Such dishes include coq au vin, chicken cacciatore, and boeuf bourguignon. More modern examples are beer grilled chicken and bratwursts boiled in beer. Adding beer, instead of water, to chilli during cooking is popular. An overnight marinade of chicken, pork or beef in beer and spices is another example.Read More
How to Whisk Egg Whites

How to Whisk Egg Whites

Beating egg whites tips and hints - How to make fluffy egg whites - Whisking egg whites traps air in them, increasing their volume. The air in whisked egg whites helps cakes, soufflés and other dishes to rise.Read More