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We have all seen the headlines with claims that they can cure cancer, reduce ageing and promote weight loss. But what are the scientific facts, legislation, and consumer protections behind the 'superfood' stories?Read More
Butter Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks – Butter

Butter Tips and TricksWhen a recipe calls for butter, only real butter will do! Don’t try to substitute. !!!

Below are some tips to enhance the natural wonders of butter:

Butter Tips & Tricks
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Females in Food – Empowering Women

Females in Food is a powerful and influential collective of female food and beverage artisans, innovators, business leaders and entrepreneurs. A community dedicated to empowering women around the globe. Females in Food provides opportunities and resources to make it easier for women to grow their profile and their business.Read More
Breakfast drinks

Do You Seldom Have Time For Breakfast ?

It’s widely considered the most important meal of the day, yet 23% of Australians say they 'seldom have time for breakfast'. Read more and have your say in our poll !Read More

Clams, Cockles, and Pipis

Most of the familiar edible shellfish such as mussels, cockles, oysters, pipi and scallops belong to a group of molluscs known as bivalves. The term bivalve refers to their two hinged shells (technically valves). Both shells are usually of the same shape, as in mussels, but in oysters and scallops one is flat and one curved. Most bivalves are sedentary or slow-moving animals. Some, such as pipi and cockles, spend their life buried in seafloor sediment, while others like the oyster and mussel remain anchored to one spot.Read More

Seafood – Best Cooking Methods

The cardinal rule is don't overcook it - overcooking spoils the flavour and texture of fish. Fish is cooked as soon as it loses its translucent appearance and turns opaque (generally white) all the way through. Most fish and seafood lend themselves to a number of cooking methods, such as those detailed here.Read More

National Food Day Calendar

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Recipe Newsletter

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Food Processor Guide

Food Processor Guide

A food processor is a crucial kitchen tool for many recipes. You can usually achieve similar results using individual tools, but why not eliminate the clutter, effort, and confusion by having one appliance that can chop, dice, grind, and whip like a champion? In order to start to discover the extraordinary culinary options at your fingertips with your food processor, read this guide to learn some tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your appliance.Read More
11 Ways to Save Money and Stop Food Waste

11 Ways to Save Money and Stop Food Waste

We either throw food away or get tired of eating leftovers for three days straight. How can singles and couples manage their grocery purchases so they don’t buy more than they need? Here are a dozen ways to downsize your food shopping—and your food waste.Read More