Shir Berenj – Persian Rice Pudding with Cardamon and Rosewater

Shir Berenj - Persian Rice Pudding

Shir berenj is an Afghan rice pudding. Rose water, cranberries and pistachios make this dish unique to Afghanistan and neighbouring countries. Shir-berenj is the Persian incarnation of rice pudding, that universal comfort food. Milk, water, rice and cardamom are its indispensable ingredients, and depending on the cook, optional ingredients can include: sugar, rosewater, or cream.

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Tsarska Turshiya – Pickled Mixed Vegetables

Made with cauliflower, red capsicums, carrots, and celery. The vegetables are mixed with some salt and sugar and left overnight. The next day the juice is mixed with vinegar and boiled for several minutes. The vegetables are put in glass jars and pressed down with cherry twigs and a round river stone, then the jars are filled with the cooled pickle marinade.

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Doogh – Persian Yoghurt Drink

Yoghurt is not just for smoothies or frozen treats. In the Middle-East and Mediterranean, yoghurt is a staple in the diet. It is served as a side dish, appetiser, marinade and dessert. It is consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, it is also used in drinks.

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