Crab Omelette

Crab Omelette with Avo Salsa

With quality crab-meat in the freezer and a few eggs in the fridge you can whip up this quick, tasty omelette anytime for breakfast, lunch or a light dinner. The Avo Salsa makes a great accompaniment, but you could just as easily omit it, or replace it with whatever you have on hand.Read More
Broad Bean and Bacon Frittata

Broad Bean and Bacon Frittata

Try this omelette that packs a powerful protein punch and makes for an ideal lunch or perfect light supper eaten cold in slices, or cut into squares.Read More
Tortilla de Habas - Broad Bean Omelette

Tortilla de Habas – Broad Bean Omelette

This thick Tortilla de Habas Spanish omelette made with small broad beans is popular in Murcia (south eastern Spain), where many of the beans canned for export are grown. It cuts into squares well for tapas.Read More
Spicy Pumpkin Frittata

Spicy Pumpkin Frittata

Whether you call it a frittata, omelette, or crustless quiche this combination of pumpkin, halloumi cheese, and fresh red chillies is a tasty treat for any occasion. Have it hot straight from the oven or cold with a salad later on.Read More
Prawn and Leek Omelette

Prawn and Leek Omelette

This easy to prepare prawn omelette is perfect to serve as a brunch for two. Pre-cooking the prawns in ginger ale adds a delightful tang to the meal.Read More
Bauernfrühstück - German Farmer's Breakfast

Bauernfrühstück – German Farmer’s Breakfast

A quick, one-pan dish, perfect for the weekend! This hearty recipe from northern Germany serves two and might remind you of the English bubble and squeak, French omelette or Spanish tortilla.Read More

Kale and Sweet Potato Frittata

Two vegetable favourites are paired here in a frittata that’s bursting with colour, flavour, and texture. Crumbled goat cheese adds a creamy tang, but you could substitute any other type of grated or crumbled cheese.Read More

Types of Omelettes – Ethnic Variations

Omelettes have a variety of fillings in Australia, and around the world they have a number of different names, cooking methods, and fillings. This article explains the varieties and provides recipes and instruction for making these international omelette variations.Read More
Tenshindon - Crabmeat Omelette on Rice

Tenshindon – Crabmeat Omelette on Rice

The main component of Tenshindon is the crab omelette, called kanitama (かに玉), which is covered in a kind of sweet and sour sauce. Kanitama crab also be eaten as its own dish.Read More
Omeleta me Patates Greek Potato Omelette

Omeleta me Patates – Greek Potato Omelette

A pie-like omelette, this is a great way to use leftover fried potatoes (just warm them in a little oil in a frying pan). Otherwise, make it with fresh fries and feta cheese, for a delicious meal. Add a crisp green salad, Greek olives, crusty bread and it's a great brunch, lunch, or dinner.Read More