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Global Beer Tour

Global Beer Tour by Lonely Planet – Book Review

The Taste of Aussie review of the Lonely Planet's Global Beer Tour. Read More
Beautiful Real Food cover art

Beautifully Real Food by Sam Murphy

With over 100 recipes, Beautifully Real Food will take you through the day from breakfast to dinner, bringing together Sam's healthy versions of everyone's most indulgent meals.Read More

The World’s Best Superfoods by Lonely Planet Food | Book Review

We delve into the pages of "The World's Best Superfoods" from Lonely Planet and review the cookbook.Read More
So French So Sweet

So French So Sweet by Gabriel Gaté

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So French So Sweet

So French So Sweet

Delectable cakes, tarts. crèmes and desserts

By: Gabriel Gaté

Our Review

I remembered some years ago watching Gabriel Gaté on SBS (Taste Le Tour) cooking classic recipes along the route of the Tour de France and marvelling at the various dishes he served up so I was looking forward to reviewing his latest cookbook “So French So Sweet”.

How many times have you looked in the window of a patisserie and admired the selection of treats while salivating for just one tempting taste ? Why did I bring this up you ask. Well, quite simply, opening “So French So Sweet” is just like looking in the patisserie window. You can almost taste and smell the photos that are in the book, and most of the recipes have an accompanying photo...

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Street Food Asia

Whether eating fiery som tum on a bustling Bangkok street, slurping pho in Vietnam perched on a red plastic stool, inhaling the galangal, lemongrass and coconut-infused air of Jakarta, or being seduced by heady wafts of succulent satay as it grills in Kuala Lumpur, there’s nothing more alluring than street food.Read More

Edmonds Cookery Book

The Edmonds Cookery Book is the quintessential guide to traditional New Zealand cuisine. It was first published as The Sure to Rise Cookery Book in 1908 as a marketing tool by a manufacturer of baking powder, but it is now known as a Kiwi icon.Read More