Spinach and Seafood Lasagna

The delicious seafood combination pairs well with a rich and creamy white Alfredo sauce to make an easy lasagna meal. Read More

Seafood Okra Gumbo

Seafood-based gumbo generally has shrimp, crab meat, and sometimes oysters. Andouille sausage is often added to both meat and seafood gumbos to provide piquancy, substance, and an additional layer of flavour to the dish.Read More

Seafood – Best Cooking Methods

The cardinal rule is don't overcook it - overcooking spoils the flavour and texture of fish. Fish is cooked as soon as it loses its translucent appearance and turns opaque (generally white) all the way through. Most fish and seafood lend themselves to a number of cooking methods, such as those detailed here.Read More
Caribbean Skewered Prawns

Caribbean Skewered Prawns

Fresh prawns are threaded onto skewers, seasoned with flavours of the Caribbean, and then grilled to perfection. For an extra tropical flavour serve with grilled plantain and pineapple.Read More
Vuelve a la Vida

Vuelve a la Vida – Mexican Seafood Cocktail

An ideal way to revitalise yourself with a "Mexican Hangover Cure". It is a seafood cocktail with prawns, crab, clams and mussels with a sauce of clam juice and spicy tomatoes.Read More

Flaked Baked Snapper with Lebanese Spices

Try this freshly baked and flaked snapper generously flavoured with Middle Eastern herbs and spices with Fattoush or your preferred salad.Read More
Prawn Scampi

Prawn Scampi

Scampi is a name for various culinary preparations of certain crustaceans, commonly Nephrops norvegicus (the Norway lobster, sometimes itself called “scampi” or “langoustine”), or a similar lobster such as Metanephrops, as well as Shrimp or Prawns. Scampi preparation styles vary regionally. Read More
Tacos de Pescado

Tacos de Pescado – Fish Tacos with Flour Tortillas

These fish tacos are a good example of modern Mexican cuisine, and are quick and easy to prepare. Originally, a tempura-style batter was introduced to Baja Peninsula by Japanese immigrants, but this soon morphed into the beer batter used in this recipe.Read More

Prawn and Crabmeat Lasagna

A delightful combination of prawns, crabmeat, and cheeses together with fresh lasagna sheets make the perfect pasta meal.Read More
BBQ Salmon Fillets with Lime Mayo Dressing

BBQ Salmon Fillets with Lime Mayo Dressing

Succulent spicy barbecued salmon fillets are served here with a tangy lime mayo dressing. Read More