Fish Recipes

Fish and Cheese Tacos

Fish and Cheese Tacos

A tasty and easy to make midweek meal or snack of tasty tacos filled with firm fish fillets, lettuce, and vegetable salsa all topped with grated cheddar cheese.Read More
Steamed Barramundi with Ginger

Steamed Barramundi with Ginger

Ginger and soy sauce give this steamed barramundi an Asian flavour. It is a quick and easy fish meal that can be cooked in either a steamer or microwave.Read More

Flaked Baked Snapper with Lebanese Spices

Try this freshly baked and flaked snapper generously flavoured with Middle Eastern herbs and spices with Fattoush or your preferred salad.Read More
Tacos de Pescado

Tacos de Pescado – Fish Tacos with Flour Tortillas

These fish tacos are a good example of modern Mexican cuisine, and are quick and easy to prepare. Originally, a tempura-style batter was introduced to Baja Peninsula by Japanese immigrants, but this soon morphed into the beer batter used in this recipe.Read More

Pan-fried Tilapia Fillets with Asian Dressing

A delightful combination of Asian flavours combine nicely as a dressing for these pan fried tilapia fillets.Read More
Crumbed Tilapia Bites

Crumbed Tilapia Bites

Quick and easy panko crusted fish fingers to enjoy with a spicy dipping sauce.Read More
Baked Coral Trout Fillets with Asian Salad

Baked Coral Trout Fillets with Asian Salad

Deliciously baked Coral Trout fillets served with a fresh Asian herb salad topped with a tamarind dressing.Read More

Bergensk Fiskesuppe – Bergen Fish Soup with Fish Dumplings

Bergen fish soup is a velvety mix of cream, fish, and root vegetables that is lifted with sugar and vinegar. The trick with this soup is to taste as you go along to get the right balance of sweetness and sourness.Read More
Sinigang na Isda - Filipino Fish Sour Soup

Sinigang na Isda – Filipino Fish Sour Soup

Few cuisines value sourness quite as much as Filipino. Whether from vinegar, citrus, or unripe fruits, sourness adds sparkle, helping balance intensely fishy flavours and rich, fatty meats. The Philippines’ quintessential sour dish is sinigang, a seafood soup that usually relies on tamarind pulp for tartness.Read More
Parihuela - Peruvian Seafood Soup

Parihuela – Peruvian Seafood Soup

Spicy, fragrant and loaded with seafood, Parihuela is Peru's version of bouillabaisse. Don't be tempted to omit the Peruvian chillies and paste from the recipe as they lend unique and extremely fruity flavours to the base of the soup.Read More