Radish and Cucumber Salad

Radish and Cucumber Salad

This crisp and crunchy salad is the perfect side dish with any meal and is very easy to make. Try it with BBQ'd chicken.Read More
Cucumber Salad with Fresh Coconut

Cucumber and Coconut Salad

This salad is full of fresh sliced vegetables such as cucumber, red onion, and coconut, with a little bit of spiciness to turn up the heat. It's an easy salad to make.Read More
Risoni Pasta and Cucumber Salad

Risoni Pasta and Cucumber Salad

Fresh crisp cucumbers, yellow capsicum and spring onion give a perfect crunch to this risoni pasta salad, with a dash of dill and lemon to top it off.Read More
Agurk Salat

Agurk Salat – Danish Pickled Cucumber Salad

These pickles are served as side dish on a lot of Danish lunch dishes and as topping on smørrebrød.Read More

Dill Pickle Relish

No backyard barbecue, picnic or celebration is complete without a good pickle relish.Read More
Jícama and Cucumber Salad

Jícama and Cucumber Salad

This salad combines cucumber and jícama with a sweet-sour, slightly spicy dressing and makes a great side to any Mexican-inspired meal.Read More
Radish Carrot and Cucumber Salad

Radish, Carrot, and Cucumber Salad

This is a delicious crunchy combination of fresh vegetables for a tart side salad at your next BBQ. The mint and red wine vinegar can be substituted with other fresh herbs or vinegars if you want a different flavour combination.Read More
Neon Green Relish for Chicago Style Hot Dogs

Neon Green Relish for Chicago Style Hot Dogs

An important ingredient in the making of a Chicago-style Hot Dog is the neon green pickle relish. And if you live outside of Chicago it's very hard to get hold of - so we have a recipe to make it yourself at home.Read More
Cold Cucumber Soup with Mint

Creamy Cucumber Soup with Mint

Summer always brings an overabundance of cucumbers. Here's a refreshing cold green cucumber soup recipe for those hot daysRead More
Persian Summer Soup

Ab-Doogh-Khiar – Persian Summer Soup

This Persian Summer Soup is filled with herbs, nuts and raisins and is delicious with grilled bread. Perfect on a hot summer day!Read More