An essential kitchen vegetable, onions are arguably the world’s most widely used ingredient. They vary in shape and colour from flattish brown to round pale bulbs but share a common structure, with a papery outer skin and protecting inner layers of pale, crisp flesh. From creamy dips to flavourful soups and crispy onion rings, Whether chopped, sliced or caramelised, onions add flavour and spice without many extra calories - our onion recipes offer something for every taste and occasion. Learn to use onions in your cooking!

Beer Battered Onion Rings

Homemade beer battered onion rings that are easy to prepare and taste so much nicer than the bought ones.

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Broccolini with Red Onions

A quick and easy vegetable side dish for your next meal.

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Caramelised Onion Chutney

This chutney is fantastic with grilled meats, especially sausages, and a spoonful added to pan juices helps make a great gravy for roasts.

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Crispy Fried Onions

To make a garnish of crispy onions, the trick is removing a good bit of the onions’ water before frying.

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Escalivada – Catalan Roasted Vegetables

Escalivada is a typical preparation of Catalan cuisine that consists of several types of grilled vegetables, such as eggplants, sweet red peppers, red tomatoes, and sweet onions. Once well cooked on the grill, those vegetables are peeled and sliced in strips, the seeds removed, and seasoned with olive oil and salt, and sometimes with garlic as well.

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Hungry Jacks Style Onion Rings

Served hot and crispy, these golden Hungry Jacks Style Onion Rings are the perfect treat for plunging into a classic sauce. We have the Hungry Jacks copycat recipes for both right here.

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Kachumbari – Tomato, Onion, and Chilli Salad

Kachumbari is a fresh tomato and onion salad dish that is popular in the cuisines of the African Great Lakes region. It is an uncooked salad dish consisting of chopped tomatoes, onions, and chilli peppers (and salt to taste).

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Onion and Walnut Salad

Oven-roasted onions, walnuts, and blue cheese add flavour and texture to this simple green salad.

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Pickled Red Onions

This is a quick and easy way to make fully flavoured pickled red onions. They go really well on burgers or tacos, on crackers with cheese as a snack, or just drain and eat them straight from the jar.

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Radish and Cucumber Salad

This crisp and crunchy salad is the perfect side dish with any meal and is very easy to make. Try it with BBQ’d chicken.

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Rajas de Chile Poblano con Crema – Roasted Poblanos in Cream Sauce

Rajas con crema is the name given to a Mexican dish consisting of sliced poblano pepper with cream. It is very popular in Mexico, particularly in the central and southern parts of the country.

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Red Onion, Parsley and Preserved Lemon Salad

Give yourself an energy boost with this red onion, parsley and preserved lemon salad, so refreshing it’s practically a tonic. Dark, vitamin-laden flat-leaf parsley (Continental parsley) and salty preserved lemons full of sunshine and brighter days chase away the winter blues (and colds) with just a bit of chopping and tossing.

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Salad with Crispy Onion and Bacon Bits

This perfect salad to serve with grilled pork chops is a blend of salad vegetables, bacon, and crisp onion pieces

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Salsa Criolla – Peruvian Onion Pepper and Lime Salsa

It’s up to you how hot this salsa will be: you can follow the recipe word for word, or make it milder, by substituting the Aji­ Amarillo with capsicums. Make it colourful so it is visually appealing and keep the onion crunchy to fully enjoy its texture and awaken all your senses

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Tempero Caseiro – Brazilian Onion and Garlic Base

Because Brazilians use onions and garlic so much in their foods they have created an onion and garlic base to help them save time. This base, called tempero caseiro in Brazil, is a simple mix of onions, garlic, olive oil, and salt that can be stored in the fridge for up to two weeks.

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Tfaya – Moroccan Caramelised Onions with Raisins

This classic Moroccan garnish of caramelised onions and raisins is sweetened with honey and seasoned with aromatic spices of ginger, saffron and cinnamon. It’s popular as a topping for couscous or meat dishes, but you might also like to present it over rice, grilled meats, roasted poultry or even veggies.

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Tomato Onion Chutney

The tangy tomatoes cut through the delicate sweetness of the onions, creating a perfect symphony of sweet and sour. The chutney is very easy to make and stays fresh for long, allowing you to make plenty to last for later.

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