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Crossword – National Dishes

This food crossword uses national dishes from around the world for the answers. It is medium difficult.

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Crossword – Salads

This food crossword uses salads and salad ingredients for the answers. It is medium difficult.

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Doughnuts Wordsearch

This difficult wordsearch has names of doughnuts from around the world – see how many you can find in the grid.

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General Culinary Crossword 1

Test your skills with these food related questions in our medium difficulty culinary crossword. You can do the crossword online or print copies for later.

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Kids In The Kitchen

This is an excellent wordsearch puzzle for young kids – it has 25 kitchen and pantry items in the grid and the squares are large enough for the small ones to complete – You can also print both the wordsearch grid AND answer key – a great way to keep the kids quiet, even if only for half an hour.

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Porridges Of The World

Porridge is known by many different names around the world. This wordsearch has 57 different porridge names hidden in the wordsearch grid. See how many you can find. You can do it online or print a copy and use a pen and paper.

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Wordsearch Index

Every week we bring to you another challenging Wordsearch grid relating to food, cooking, or other culinary topics.

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