How To Truss Chicken

How To Truss Chicken

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to truss up that bird and get it ready to cook! To truss a bird or roast just means to wrap it up as compactly as possible before placing it in the oven, and it’s usually done by tying it with string.

Trussing a chicken is a basic culinary skill that’s just worth knowing how to do. Here we demonstrate the traditional approach you’ll find most chefs use to truss a chicken before they roast it,

Here’s how to truss a chicken


Step 1   Step 1
With the breast side up, line up the middle of your piece of twine with the chicken’s tail and tie a knot around the tail. You don’t actually need to knot it, but I find it makes the trussing a bit easier.
Step 2   Step 2
Make a loop around each drumstick.
Step 3   Step 3
Pull them close together and tie a knot. Again, the knot isn’t necessary but can make the whole trussing process easier, especially at first.
Step 4   Step 4
Keeping the twine tight around the chicken, pass each half of the twine through the wing.
Step 5   Step 5
Tuck the wings under the chicken so that they’re holding down the twine.
Step 6   Step 6

Flip the chicken over so that it’s breast side down. Tie the twine around the neck so that it’s holding down the wings. Make sure the knot is secure, then cut off any excess string.


And now you have a nicely trussed chicken that will cook nice and evenly!


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