Lawar is a dish created from a mixture of vegetables, coconut and minced meat mixed with rich herbs and spices, originating from Bali, Indonesia. This dish is easily found in restaurants and warungs in Bali. Some types of lawar usually add the meat blood mixed with spices to add taste. Lawar spoils easily should be consumed immediately; it is usually good for half a day before going bad.

Green Bean Salad with Chicken - Lawar Ayam

Green Bean Salad with Chicken – Lawar Ayam

Lawar is named according to its ingredients, for example lawar mixed with chicken is called Lawar Ayam (chicken lawar). Lawar which uses young jackfruit is called lawar nangka. Sometimes lawar is named according to its colour: lawar merah (red lawar) and lawar putih (white lawar). Lawar padamare is the type of combination of several types of lawars. Lawar is served with steamed rice and other meat dish such as babi guling (roasted suckling pork).

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