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When it comes to my steak there is only one way to have it – barely cooked with a raw onion on the side and drenched in butter and Worcestershire sauce.

I like it with a bit of bite so the idea of trying out some sauces from Red Hill BBQ appeals to me. If you look at the panel below this review you can see a description of their signature sauces and I reckon that my taste buds will be happy.

A lovely wrapped pack of BBQ sauces has arrived and it’s time to take them through their paces.  First things first,  it’s off to see my butcher at the Footscray Markets to stock up on some nice juicy rump steaks and pork chops, then fire up the barbie and we’re away laughing. Slowing down a bit before i get all carried away I decided that this test has to be done over three days, giving each sauce a dedicated day with no interference from other tastes.

So I start off with the “Classic” sauce. Pouring a little onto the steak the first thing that struck me was the consistency of the sauce. It’s not some thick sweet sticky molasses type sauce, hell  no, this is a much thinner pouring sauce and the flavour is amazing. It has a vinegary base to it that is pleasant and would certainly complement a side of fries and salad (which I didn’t have for this test). By the time I got to the end of the steak I had also managed to drain a fair quantity of sauce as well, not leaving a great deal for the next time. I have to says this is the best sauce I’ve poured over a chunk of meat for a long time and thoroughly recommend you get some. Judging by the quantity i used it might be a bit expensive if you BBQ a lot but then why wouldn’t you want the best all the time, and I did overdo it a bit in order to ensure I got the full flavour.

Moving on to the “Gold” version, I went with the recommendation that it traditionally be served with pork. So onto the BBQ went some nice thick juicy pork chops specially obtained for this review. Nicely cooked on the plate I poured over this liquid gold and savoured the first bite. A there was that hint of mustard, perfectly settling in on my chops. I don’t normally add anything to my pork that hasn’t come from a salt mine or apple tree so to put it on a sauce and enjoy it is saying something. But I wont be using it again on my chops. But it will definitely get rolled out to be tried on a ham steak and some sliced corned silverside, both of which I like to apply plenty of mustard to when eating. It;s not the product here, but my personal preference.

And now the “Fire”. I like hot sauces, and so this was going to be fine. Lets get a nice steak, cook it to perfection, and then dress it up with the Red Gum “Fire” BBQ Sauce and see what we get. I didn’t have to wait long before the fire took hold, however the spiciness didn’tt sit well with my fries and salad – but the sauce is quietly telling me it’s not over yet. The next night I decided on a crumbed schnitzel, mashed potatoes, and giardiniera (Italian Pickled Vegetables). And we have a winner – the spiciness of the sauce combined nicely with the pickled veggies for a magic meal. The sauce isn’t overly hot but has enough of a bite to suit most tastes. I reckon this would make  really good marinade for chicken as well.

If you’re looking to make your BBQ offerings extra special this summer then I recommend you try these Red Hill BBQ sauces.


Product Information

Red Gum Gold – This sweet and tangy mustard BBQ sauce is perfect for any BBQ meat but is traditionally served with pork.

Red Gum Classic – With a tomato base, tart from apple cider vinegar and bitter sweet from the molasses of brown sugar, this is a classic BBQ sauce.

Red Gum Fire – This sweet and sour BBQ sauce is thin and fiery with heaps of dried cayenne chilli pepper.

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Melissa and Martin Goffin

Melissa and Martin Goffin

A huge new warehouse restaurant offering authentic Aussie-Smoked, American-Style BBQ has opened in Red Hill – by husband and wife duo, Melissa and Martin Goffin. It’s called Red Gum BBQ and although new to Red Hill, it has quite the following already from its years of traveling around to markets and events across the Mornington Peninsula and with a 3×3 marquee and a trailer, winch and Texas offset smoker.

Now, they are in a 900sqm space with multiple, huge smokers within a dedicated Smoke Pit – and the locals are loving it.

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