Fighting Hunger in South Australia

Coles and Foodbank join forces to fight hunger in South Australia

Coles Foodbank campaign

Neil Lake and Greg Pattinson with Lynette Mollard (a Foodbank SA volunteer) at a Coles in-store donation display stand

A new campaign by Coles and Foodbank will make it easy for South Australian shoppers to help feed local families who struggle to put meals on the table.

Coles supermarkets throughout South Australia will offer customers the opportunity to buy food donation cards with values of $5, $10 or $20, which will fund much needed food items for Foodbank’s warehouses and food hubs.

Foodbank is Australia’s largest food relief organisation and nationally provides 60 million meals each year — or more than 166,000 meals a day. In South Australia, Foodbank provides more than four million meals annually through a large network of charity partners as well as school breakfast clubs.

However there is still a need for further assistance, with more than 8,000 people in South Australia — including more than 3,000 children — missing out on Foodbank’s services every month.

Foodbank SA Chief Executive Officer Greg Pattinson said the donation cards, which will result in a range of breakfast, lunch and dinner foods reaching those who need them most, are a landmark initiative in the relationship between Foodbank and Coles.

Foodbank SA Chief Executive Officer Greg Pattinson

Greg Pattinson

“We encourage customers to look out for these cards when they’re doing their food shopping and think about those who would otherwise go without. It’s not just traditionally vulnerable people they’ll be helping, but low income families doing it tough, single parents and the elderly, often within your own neighbourhood.

“These people make up more than 70 per cent of people seeking support from our agencies each year. By buying one donation card, you’ll be providing nutritious, staple food to someone who really needs it.”
Foodbank SA Chief Executive Officer Greg Pattinson
[/important]Coles has worked nationally with Foodbank for the past 14 years, donating food and groceries each year that have been used to provide a total of 20 million meals.

Coles State General Manager Neil Lake said Coles was proud to work with Foodbank in South Australia.

Neil Lake

Neil Lake

“Coles has been donating food and grocery items to Foodbank for more than a decade, to help families and individuals in need to put a meal on the table,” he said.

“Customers and team members are telling us that they want a simpler way to make a difference in the community, and give people the products they require to prepare healthy meals. The food donation card campaign will provide this and will make a major difference to the people in our community who need it most.”
Coles State General Manager Neil Lake
[/important]The donation cards will be displayed on stands inside Coles stores and then scanned at the checkout and added to a customer’s grocery bill.

The cards will include pictures of the types of food which will be donated to the not-for-profit organisation and can be kept by customers as token of their generosity. Food donated to Foodbank as part of the campaign will include mealtime staples such as cereal, long-life milk, canned food and pasta.

Foodbank logo

Foodbank SA
Media Release 21/01/2016

About Foodbank

Foodbank is Australia’s largest food relief organisation, providing 60 million meals a year to over 2,400 charities and 1,000 schools across Australia. Each year it distributes 33 million kilograms of food and groceries with a retail value of more than $200 million. That’s the equivalent of over 166,000 meals a day. Foodbank is also the largest provider in Australia of food to schools for breakfast programs delivering food for over 137,000 breakfasts a week. Foodbank accounts for 78% of all food distributed to charities by food rescue organisations across Australia. It works with over 700 partners including farmers, wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers, with donations including stock that’s out of specification, close to expiry, has incorrect labelling or damaged packaging, is excess to requirements or from slow moving or deleted lines. Foodbank also collaborates with industry in a unique food initiative called the ‘Key Staples Program’ to ensure there are supplies of essential food items in its warehouses every day.

In South Australia, Foodbank provides over four million meals annually, through its main warehouse in Adelaide and regional distribution centres in Mount Gambier, Berri and Whyalla and a fresh produce facility at Adelaide Produce Market. Food is sent to a network of 550 charities and 270 schools running school breakfast programs across the state. Despite its best efforts, there are 8,000 South Australians unable to be assisted every month – more than 2,000 being children.

About Coles

Coles has been a proud partner of Foodbank for the past 14 years, which has resulted in more than 20 million meals for Australians in need. Coles is committed to helping Foodbank in its important mission to achieve ‘An Australia without Hunger’ by regularly donating food and groceries. Through the dedicated work of their team members in stores and distribution centres, Coles donates around one million kilograms of food and groceries annually.

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