So French So Sweet by Gabriel Gaté

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So French So Sweet

So French So Sweet

Delectable cakes, tarts. crèmes and desserts

By: Gabriel Gaté

Our Review

I remembered some years ago watching Gabriel Gaté on SBS (Taste Le Tour) cooking classic recipes along the route of the Tour de France and marvelling at the various dishes he served up so I was looking forward to reviewing his latest cookbook “So French So Sweet”.

How many times have you looked in the window of a patisserie and admired the selection of treats while salivating for just one tempting taste ? Why did I bring this up you ask. Well, quite simply, opening “So French So Sweet” is just like looking in the patisserie window. You can almost taste and smell the photos that are in the book, and most of the recipes have an accompanying photo. I often look at the photos in recipe books and wonder how much time and effort the photographer and cook put into getting it perfect and ready to be served to royalty, but for some reason the photos in this book gave me a sense of “I can do that”. And a glance at a few recipes suggested that there was nothing out of my reach and that I could create gold medal desserts for the family with ease.

The Taste Test

I threw caution and any thoughts of weight reduction to the wind and decided that like any other cookbook I review, The Cook needs to test out a good sampling of the recipes for me. After much debate I managed to convince her that it was necessary to try one recipe every day for the following seven days. And here is what I ended up selecting for The Cook to try :

  • Confit Fruit Cake – This easy-to-make cake is perfect for a snack between meals with a cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate – (p.30) ;
  • French Apple Tartlets – At its best, it’s heaven – (p.60) ;
  • Tiramisu – In this variation of the classic recipe Gabriel uses liqueur muscat instead of Marsala. Make your coffee from freshly ground coffee beans for the best result – (p.90) ;
  • Cherry and Mango Fruit Salad – You can serve it in individual glasses or from the centre of the table – (p.100) ;
  • Peach Crumble – Plombières ice cream is flavoured with almonds and glacé (candied) fruits steeped in Kirsch, and it’s a great dinner party dessert – (p.156) ;
  • Self-saucing Chocolate Pudding – It’s so easy to make. It’s definitely one for chocolate lovers – (p.158) ; and
  • Pineapple Gratin – this gratin brings out the pineapple’s flavour – (p.174).

I probably could have tried a lot more but my waistline was saying no. Although this cookbook is written by a professional chef it is definitely a go-to book for the home cook. Straight forward recipes with no fuss, easy to follow instructions, and ingredients that you might normally expect to find in your pantry. You will also find recipes at the back of the book for different pastries and assorted sweet sauces.

In Conclusion

“So French So Sweet” is a cookbook that will be used many more times in our kitchen. It has all you need to provide enticing desserts and sweet foods all year round without any fuss or expense.

  • Will We Use This Book Again : Definitely
  • Do We Recommend This Book : Absolutely – this book will soon be your favourite “sweets” recipe book as it has everything you need for day-to-day cooking or for entertaining guests.

A Word of Caution : This book has already been published (2012) as 100 Best Cakes and Desserts so if you already own a copy it will not be wise to get this book unless you are upgrading an old copy.

A Look At What Is Inside

Pears Belle Heélène

Baked Lemon Cheesecake

Raspberry Choux Puffs

Almond & Blueberry Galette

Coffee & Grand Marnier Parfait with Walnuts

Cherry & Pistachio Tart

More Images From The Book

Confit Fruit Cake p.30

French Apple Tartlets p.60

Tiramisu p.90

Cherry and Mango Fruit Salad p.100

Peach Crumble

Self-saucing Chocolate Pudding

Pineapple gratin

So French So Sweet

So French So Sweet

Delectable cakes, tarts. crèmes and desserts

By: Gabriel Gaté

So French So Sweet is Gabriel Gatés love letter to pâtisserie, baking and sweet treats. An irresistible collection of French classics and Gabriel’s most treasured sweet recipes, it brings together exquisite cakes and tarts, refreshing sorbets and fruity desserts, scrumptious ice creams, mousses and crèmes and heavenly warm desserts.

With a focus on fresh seasonal ingredients and home-style cooking, Gabriel shows just how simple it is to create delightful treats for everyone to enjoy.

Gabriel Gaté

Gabriel Gaté


Gabriel Gaté is a French chef (born in the Loire Valley) living in Australia. He has appeared on a number of Australian television shows. Gabriel was awarded La Croix de Chevalier (Knight’s Cross) in L’ordre du mérite agricole (Order of Agricultural Merit) in the year 2000.

Gabriel has authored 23 cookbooks, all have been national best sellers; several have won international awards and he has total sales of over 1,100,000 copies.

His first book was French Cuisine for Australians. His second, Family Food, was published by Anne O’Donovan in association with the Anti-Cancer Council, as were his next two books, Smart Food and Good Food Fast. The three books have together sold 500,000 copies.

The three following cookbooks – Favourite Fast Recipes, Television Recipes and Great Cakes and Desserts – have brought his sales over 700,000.

So French So Sweet

So French So Sweet

Delectable cakes, tarts. crèmes and desserts

By: Gabriel Gaté

ISBN: 9781743793015
ISBN-10: 1743793014
Audience: General
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 192
Available: 1st June 2017
Publisher: Hardie Grant Books
Country of Publication: Australia
Dimensions (cm): 24.0 x 17.0
Weight (kg): 26.81

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