Cheese Fries

Cheese fries are a fast food dish consisting of french fries covered in cheese, similar to the Canadian dish poutine, which is fries, cheese curds and gravy. They are known as cheesy chips or chips and cheese in the United Kingdom.

Localised Variations of Cheese Fries

It is likely that cheese fries made many independent debuts starting with the advent of Cheez Whiz in 1953. One early version of cheese fries was created by cook Austin Ruse at the Dairy Queen on First Capitol Drive in St. Charles, Missouri in 1973. They were never placed on the menu but were available for special orders.

  • Throughout the Southwest US, cheese fries are often covered in melted cheddar cheese, bacon bits, jalapeño slices, and chives and served with ranch dressing. Alternately, they are also served as carne asada fries.
  • In Philadelphia, pizza fries are topped with melted mozzarella and served with pizza sauce on the side, while “Mega Fries” are topped with Cheddar (or sometimes Cheez Whiz) and mozzarella cheese and bacon. Usually served with a side of ranch dressing.
  • In New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey they are covered with American, Mozzarella, or Swiss cheese, then melted.
  • In New Jersey and certain New York City diners, Disco Fries are fries served with Mozzarella and brown gravy.
  • In other parts of the US, nacho cheese is often used, especially in snack-stand type settings.
  • Chilli cheese fries are cheese fries topped with Chilli Con Carne. The cheese is usually either American or Cheddar. In Cincinnati, Ohio, they use their own Cincinnati chilli for their Chilli cheese fries at the local chilli restaurants. In New Mexico, they use New Mexican Chile for their chilli cheese fries, often adding chopped lettuce, tomato, and olives as garnish.
  • In Ireland a variation called “Taco Fries” consists of fresh cut chips covered in sub sauce and shredded cheddar. Piled on top of the cheese are ground beef, tomato, peppers, onions, and various seasonings.
  • In Bulgaria, a common side dish offered in most restaurants consists of French fries, topped with grated or crumbled sirene.
  • In the Netherlands a dish named Kapsalon is served as fast food. This consist of fries covered with cheese, salad and shawarma or doner kebab. It is often consumed with large amounts of garlic sauce and/or chilli sauce.
  • The United Kingdom chips and cheese are often served in pubs. Preparation includes the pouring of cheddar sauce over chips or sprinkling cheddar over chips and then putting the dish under a grill.
Cheese Fries
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • 4 rashers bacon (optional)
  • 4 servings Homemade French fries ( or 800 g of frozen fries)
  • 1 cup grated Cheddar cheese
  • Ranch dressing, as required
  1. Cook the french fries as per recipe (or packet if using frozen)
  2. Meanwhile, place bacon in a large skillet and cook over medium-high heat, turning occasionally, until evenly browned and crisp (about 10 minutes). Drain bacon slices on paper towels and then crumble. Preheat oven griller or broiler.
  3. Place cooked french fries into an aluminium plate with 2 cm edges
  4. Sprinkle fries with cheese and crumbled bacon.
  5. Grill or broil until cheese is melted ( 1 to 2 minutes). Serve with Ranch dressing.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 4 Calories: 212 Fat: 17g Saturated fat: 8g Unsaturated fat: 8g Carbohydrates: 5g Sodium: 499mg Protein: 10g Cholesterol: 41mg

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